Event: Save the Baltic Sea

April 29th 2024
09:00 – 14:00

The National Aquarium Denmark – Den Blå Planet
Jacob Fortlingsvej 1, 2770 Kastrup
Copenhagen, Denmark

Registration deadline is
April 28th at 09:00.

Save the Baltic Sea: A hike, a conference, and a promise

Join us in Copenhagen on Monday the 29th of April as we host the Danish leg of the 9-month long, “Save The Baltic Sea” Expedition. This group are traversing the entire coastline of the Baltic Sea to engage with local and national organizations and galvanize efforts to combat marine pollution sources.

Come and hear the Hiking group’s environmental and adventure-perspectives, as we gather some of the biggest voices in marine pollution from civic society, government, retail, and academia for an informative and dynamic event at The National Aquarium Denmark – Den Blå Planet.

The goal is to understand more about the specific pollution challenges and solutions facing the seas around Denmark and the Baltics with a focus on the rising tide of plastic pollution.

The event is free, but registration is required.
Cancellations needs to happen the latest at 9am on the 28th of April. Out of respect for the event, a no-show fee of 250 DKK will be applied in case of late/or no cancellation.


08:45 – Breakfast opens at Café Plankton

09:30 – Welcome by the COP-project

09:40 – Presentation by Save the Baltic Sea hiking expedition

10:00 – Presentations from key speakers

11:00 – Short break

11:10 – Panel discussion

11:50 – Lunch at Café Plankton

12:30 – Guided tours at the National Aquarium Denmark

14:00 – Thank you for today

Download the full programme:

The event is organized by Clean – The Danish Water- and Environment Cluster and Ocean Plastic Forum co-financed through the Interreg South Baltic project, Circular Ocean-bound Plastic (COP), in collaboration with Save the Baltic Sea, with funds from EU.